Inspirational Essay Topics on Compare and Contrast

Comparison is part and parcel of life and plays a greater role in proper decision making. However, compare and contrast topics seem a task that is far much huge for school children and college students. It shouldn’t be this way anymore as this piece prepares an organized set of inspirational compare and contrast topics suitable for students who find difficulties. The chosen topics matter a lot and act as the determinant of whether a student fails, passes, or stagnates. It is, therefore, important to go for the most interesting compare and contrast topics to give out the best.

The choice of essay topics about compare and contrast majorly relies on the target audience. Always go for a range of compare and contrast topics, having considered the audience beforehand. Consider an instance where the young get a more advanced topic for discussion. There is always a likelihood for young learners to experience many difficulties when handling the topics. The reason is the advanced nature of the topic, which renders them clueless of what to say, speak, write, or discuss. Before landing on a given compare and contrast topic, subject yourself to the consistent evaluation of the audience expected to tackle the task. Highlighted below are some of the compare and contrast topics from various associated fields:

College Essay Topics on Compare and Contrast

Here are topics that revolve around IT gadgets and technologies:

iOS versus Android.

Online buying versus usual shopping

Phone communication versus skype 

E-mail versus usual post.

Normal homes versus smartest houses

Samsung versus apple

Easiest compare and contrast topics

Chinese beauty versus American beauty

Flat houses as opposed to private houses

Rap music versus rock music

Benefits of a school teacher versus those of a university professor

Easy Compare and Contrast Topics for Essays

Beginner topics

Fruits as opposed to vegetables

Linux versus Windows,

Use of tablets versus paper textbooks

Movies as opposed to theatre

Common elements to compare:

Mathematics versus chemistry.

Mangoes versus Avocado

Easter versus Christmas celebration 

Winter versus summer

Documentaries versus fiction movies 

High School Compare and Contrast Topics

Here are topics revolving around influential individuals:

Hitler versus Stalin

Donald Trump versus Barack Obama

Donald Glover versus Ryan Reynolds 

Natural sciences:

Earthquakes versus volcanicity

Mineralogy versus geology

Theories about Einstein.



Hitler versus Mobutu

Current America politics versus politics some twenty years back

Fresh ideas for essay topics:

Effectiveness of sport versus diet in losing weight

Audiobooks versus paper books

Current fashions versus fashion in 20 years

Gold versus silver

Marmalade candies versus chocolate 

Cars versus motorcycles 

Love versus friendship 

Autumn versus spring

Middle School Compare and Contrast Topics for Essays

Topics related to the computer

Studying vs. computer gaming

WhatsApp versus Facebook

Instagram versus actual photographs

Actual communication versus messaging

Easy topics:

Apple versus pear

Receiving vs. giving

Black versus white colors

Sightseeing versus sunbathing

Short hair versus long hair

Personal lifestyle versus celebrity lifestyle

Milk vs. yogurt

Sugar vs. cinnamon

Dogs vs. Cats

6th Grade Compare and Contrast Topics for Consideration

Beginner topics:

Passive rest vs. active rest

Personal character vs. parents’ character

Nurse vs. teacher

Driving vs. riding 


Badminton vs. tennis

Baseball vs. Soccer

Breakdance vs. ballet


Shakespeare’s two plays

Quotes of public figures 

History Compare and Contrast Topics for the World

History of US and Europe.

Neolithic and Paleolithic times.

America’s economy vs. China’s economy

Two personalities in Portugal’s history

Excellent Compare and Contrast Topics for Essays

TVs vs. large cinema screens

Impact of drugs vs. diet on weight loss

Gifts vs. cash

Jeans vs. dresses

Awesome Compare and Contrast Topics for various Essays: Literature

Two prose writers 

Poetry vs. Prose

Famous English vs. Spanish writers

In conclusion, always go for perfect compare and contrast topics where you have advanced knowledge. The goodness of exploring a known topic is that it gives you a humble time when handling them.