Guide on Picking a Winning Essay Subject

Most students don’t like the idea of writing an essay. So an expectation to do one weighs heavily on them. The toughest part always lies in an inability to pick the right subject suitable for writing a good essay. Despite other crucial aspects entailed in writing an essay, such as how to write and edit it. So what are some of the tips for writing a good essay?

Sources of Essay Subjects

Learners are sometimes given essay subjects by their instructors or expected to come up with one for their essay writing. Regardless of your preference, having a subject does not necessarily guarantee a smooth sail in retrieving related information about them. A great choice of information source will reduce the chances of you writing a poor plagiarized content. Here are excellent sources of information for your consideration.

  • Printed sources. Find anything related in the book store, library, or bookshelf to give you a base for writing your essay. Its analog nature might seem outdated in the current dispensation, but it offers a useful primary and exceptional database
  • The internet. It is an obvious avenue that most modern learners prefer. Though convenient, it also has sources that are not authentic. Students must, therefore, be cautious not to use plagiarized content. Check the domain names of these sources to verify their authenticity before using them. Some instructors also guide students on some of the online sources to make references from.
  • Embracing lecture notes and class discussions. Such avenues may provide insignificant information. But they reliable to make your essay profession. It is very critical for you to make notes during lectures and discussions as they will come in handy in such instances.

Examples of Essay Subjects

  • Animal privileges. It is an interesting topic that is not easy to discuss with others
  • Young criminals. It is a perfect subject for writing an argumentative essay
  • Wages in the recreational industry. Write and argue about the salaries of athletes and entertainment professionals
  • Should instructors have a particular code of dressing now that learners wear uniforms?
  • Are nuclear weapons part of making peace? Write and argue about this notion
  • Should boys and girls learn separately in institutions?
  • Is it necessary to prohibit death punishment?
  • Is animal use ethical in the 21st-century scientific studies?
  • Is age a factor in student relationships and sex?
  • People’s reaction in the advent of global chaos
  • Effectiveness of using tablets and laptops instead of notepads
  • Is it appropriate for elementary and high school kids not to use smartphones?
  • Is the clamor for support to developing countries from their rich counterparts’ fair?
  • Is space exploration important?
  • Impact of fashion of student’s lifestyles
  • The role of present-day technology in our daily lives
  • A model instructor from the past that you would wish to come back
  • Are men in work positions that earn better salaries than women?
  • Is the evaluation of instructors necessary? Who between a teacher and a student is in a better position to do their evaluation?
  • What are some of the critical factors for a learner to achieve success in the future?
  • Should man clear forests to produce more food in those pieces of land?
  • Is it important for children to have chores at home besides homework?
  • Should teenagers vote? At what point should the elderly stop voting?
  • What are the reasons for the government to increase their control over vendors of junk food?
  • Better ways of effective conservation of endangered animals


An excellent essay subject can have a great bearing on a learner’s success. Make careful choices to ensure you succeed and reduce confusion while writing your essay. Also, remember to ask for help wherever you are completely stuck.