100 topics on Argumentative essays

There is a lot to do with argumentative essay writing. Topics issued to learners at higher levels are complex to some extent. Some of the argumentative topics to go for include:

    Easiest topics on Argumentative essays

  • Free access to education
  • Why obesity is rapid among US citizens
  • Limiting internet access to students
  • Choice of the military among the young
  • The rights of students to choose subjects of interest
  • Importance of US international student education system
  • Effectiveness of tests (ACT and SAT)
  • Pros and cons of programs of MBA

Argumentative essay topics in sports

  • Measures towards teenager weight maintenance
  • School systems’ physical education
  • Impact of NCAA in academic performance
  • The topmost sports’ record that no one will break
  • The position of Michael Jordan in basketball

Middle school argumentative essay topics

  • Relationship between weight, fitness, and food
  • The negative impact of diet
  • Society strategies in fighting anorexia
  • The value of sleep in regulating health issues
  • The current demand for golf
  • Banning of steroid takers in sports
  • The value and position of swimming in sporting activities
  • Dangerous sporting activities.

College topics for argumentative essays

  • Illegalizing tobacco production and marketing
  • Activation of the death sentence in all countries
  • Banning public smoking
  • Banning of energetic drinks
  • Documentation of court proceedings for TV
  • Appropriate age for voting
  • The citizen age bracket for smoking and drinking
  • The validity of everybody’s justice
  • The validity of revolution in the industrial sector in European countries

Wonderful topics for argumentative essays

  • Banning of the scientific use of animal species for cruel experimentation and research
  • Punishing forfeiters who destroy rainforests.
  • The essence of electric vehicles in solving global pollution
  • Advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  • The validity of the Roosevelt building Panama Canal
  • Supporting the take of militaries versus KingKong
  • Risks associated with changing of climate conditions to American nation
  • Earthquakes and consequences
  • The death waves of tsunamis
  • The Amazonia forests
  • Possible Red Book species
  • Students’ importance in the safety of nature.

Controversial topics for argumentative essays

  • The prevention of WW III by US and Russian governments
  • Anticipating change in current policies in public schools
  • The validity of controlling crime through guns
  • Governmental ban on marriage of same-sex
  • Overregulation encountered by societies.
  • Countries highly-rated in corruption
  • Engagement of US political authorities in illegalities
  • Responsibility of government to persons with disabilities
  • Politics as inborn talent or as an art
  • The power of the law
  • Advantages and disadvantages of monarchies
  • The best substitute for USSR

Technological argumentative essays

  • Prohibition of violent video games
  • Effect of technology in terms of loneliness
  • Fixing filthy language comments by YouTube stakeholders
  • Technological view of different persons
  • The end of technological advancement in humanity
  • Mobile phones’ cons and pros
  • Academics and technology

Social media argumentative essays

  • Limitations of technology on creativity
  • Importance of communication in social networking
  • Reliance on technology by contemporary people
  • Effectiveness of online to imaginary friends
  • The necessity of Internet censorship

Argumentative essay topics that are 6th grade

  • Free medical and first aid services
  • The goodness of people
  • Spending minimal official-work period with no salary impact
  • Governments financing social movements
  • Freeing children aged 16 from parental control
  • Eradication of cloning
  • Global warming
  • The legality or illegality of abortions
  • Effect of different-culture marriages on racial tolerance
  • The validity of dating a young boy
  • Definition of incest
  • Partner roles in family and relationship
  • The safety and outcome of online dating.
  • Marriage between persons and computers in the near future

Funny topics of Argumentation

  • Batman’s position in the real world
  • 3D versus 4D versus 2D
  • Chip control in humans
  • Correspondence of Griffins Family to a simple family in America
  • Illegality of graffiti
  • Legality of marijuana
  • Parents should be lenient to children
  • Financial benefits of art
  • Paper ideas in movie, music, and art
  • Does art entail cinematography and music?
  • Preference for gothic art
  • Success in art
  • Importance of today’s music tracks in education
  • The explicitness of modern lyrics to the young
  • The plot in the latest movies
  • The duration of a video

In conclusion, you should choose argumentative essays considerably. Learners should also do thorough research on the topic at hand.